Car Heated Seat Cusion

$ 47.97 $ 77.97
  • The heated seat cover is no pollution, no noise, no smell, clean and no radiation to the human body.
  • The heated seat cushion can warm your back and bottom that helps to maintain your metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Insulation is good, this product can be as warm as a stove after being powered. this cushion has a strong moisturizing and moisture-proof performance and it is safe and convenient.
  • The heating seat pad is automatically in heat preservation condition at a high temperature of when temperature reaches 60? it automatically stops heating.
  • It has three controls consist of hi, lo, and off positions, click on Hi it heats up immediately within minutes.
  • High-quality bakelite plug to prevent high-current burning, built-in fuse, prevent short circuit, and ensure safety at all times.
  • Use comfortable and soft materials, elastic straps, firm and durable.
  • Easy to use and easy to operate, suitable for most car seats.
  • Winter hands and feet are easy to stiff, which brings driving safety hazards, and air conditioning will increase fuel consumption. 

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